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Ash 24th – 28th April 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Alibis, Scripts and Witness Statements (Toy Story focus)
Maths: Finding thirds, finding the whole.
Science: Materials around us.
Phonics: a = or


After a busy week last week looking at halves and quarters, before we moved on further we took some time to consolidate and really develop our skills in finding fractions. We looked at shapes first, finding a the same fraction within the same shape but noticing the amount of pieces that increased. We acknowledged how the half of the shape isn’t changing, we’re still finding it in the same way, but this time we are getting more pieces than one out of two. We also looked at amounts followed by number. Our favourite phrase in maths this week was to find a quarter, we “half and half it again!”


We developed our bat and ball skills even more this week by working as teams of four. We had a batter, a bowler as well as fielders. We had to try and see how many points we could gain before the ball was returned. We developed our positioning of the bat when hitting as well as recognising what makes a good throw and what doesn’t.


There has been some fantastic work in English this week. Great focus and great creativity all based around Traction Man. We thought about the opportunity of Traction Man visiting our class this week and developed a bank of many different questions that we could ask him. We focused on the importance of punctuation when writing a question, not only the question mark but also how important it is to have a capital letter at the start. I was really impressed with some of the questions as well as their creativity throughout the week in general…