Ash 24th – 28th January 2022

Next week's learning...

English: The Weather Monster
Maths: Statistics
Science: Water Wastage
Phonics: gn that sounds like n.

Bird Watch Day 2022

We had a great day celebrating Bird Watch Day 2022! We all came together to learn about why the day is celebrated, made bird nests, bird feeders, bird masks and even did our own bird watch!


This week in our English, we have been exploring newspaper reports. Our week started off with us identifying all of the six main features: title, headline, introductory paragraph, main body, photo and caption. The rest of the week we looked at the theme of snow and how we could report it before writing our own version.


This week we looked at the animals in the rainforest. We looked at the effects of deforestation before sorting them into their correct animal classifications. 


We had a blast this week in Geography! We were all looking at weather forecasts and why they are important, how they help us to read weather and plan our daily activities. We reinforced our awareness of the north, south, east and west before recording some of our own weather forecasts. More to film next week but great spirits!