Ash 24th – 28th May 2021

Next week's learning...

Have a wonderful half term. I look forward to welcoming you back for our final half term of Year 2!

Victorian Day

We’ve had a great day celebrating our Victorian Day. The children all really looked the part. I think it took some of them certainly by surprise just how different it was to their normal school day. Take a look below to see just what we got up to!

Our morning began with a fingernail inspection at the door by Ma’am, followed by some traditional games in the school hall. The children explored hoops, spinning tops and diablo. Following this, Sir returned to the hall and commanded them into their lines. They were then led down to the classroom.

Once back in the classroom, the children were given their school rules and expectations. Boys entered the classroom first, followed by the girls. They remained stood until instructed to sit down. In front of them was slate and chalk. Their first lesson was to write all of their vowels onto their slate in Victorian calligraphy followed by their names. We were all very impressed but the children did comment on how tricky it was and that they’re happy they can return to “normal” handwriting.

Miss then took us for Maths and Victorian calligraphy.

We then split the class with Sir taking the boys for woodwork whilst Ma’am and Miss stayed with the girls and conducted sewing.

The afternoon was full of exploring the Victorian world, particularly their toys! Thank you Ash for a wonderful enrichment day.


We’ve had a very creative week in English! We have all finished, finalised and filmed our adverts following our toy ‘creations’. Have a look at these successes below!

Amelia's Advert

Bella's Advert

Belle's Advert

Emilia's Advert

Flo's Advert

George's Advert

Gracie's Advert

Harry's Advert

Immy's Advert

Ines' Advert

Lawrence's Advert

Luke's Advert

Maggie's Advert

Millie's Advert

Molly's Advert

Neive's Advert

Peggy's Advert

Persephone's Advert

Phoebe's Advert

Sam's Advert