Ash 25th – 29th April 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Traction Man short stories and SPaG revision.
Maths: Measurement – cm/m.
Phonics: -mb spelling rule.
Science: Materials.


This week we looked at counting in fractions! It was certainly a challenge but there was some great perseverance. We initially started with halves, the one we all got pretty sharpish! The thirds and quarters were more of a challenge but we moved onto practical elements of learning for these. Once the children could see the visual aspect, it became clearer. This is an area in which we’ll refresh over the coming weeks. 


This week’s RE lesson was all about trust. We reflected on the meaning of trust, thought about who we trust and what trust looks like for each of us. We completed some different exercises of what trust could be reflected as, including blindfold leading, mirror me and a trust fall. Afterwards, the children all reflected on how their trusted changed before, during and after the activities. 


This week with Josh, the children were working on their accuracy in bowling. Josh refreshed their techniques when bowling underarm and the key skill of pointing at the right direction. He also worked on precision by encouraging the children to aim at a target.