Ash 26th – 30th April 2021

Next week's learning...

English: Toy Story – Creating alibis, news reports and witness statements.
Maths: Consolidation of measurement, describing position.
Science: Materials.
Phonics: kn spelling rule.


We explored measurement this week, particularly metres and centimetres. One of the areas we took a focus on was enabling the children to visually relate an object to it’s accurate amount of metres. So, in constructed teams, we explored a range of different objects in the playground and worked together to measure them. I was astounded by the level of focus and dedication Ash Class showed.

We explored measurement and played an object of “higher”, “lower” or “the same” as. The children were very good at using their awareness of metre sticks to locate items.


We continued to explore catching and throwing this week in PE. The children continued to develop their skills and challenged each other to see whether they could out-skill them. Great focus this week!


Well, we can now confirm that our class is full of genius sewing gurus! On Thursday, we all designed, planned, created and sewed our puppet. Have a look below at our process as well as spotting our brilliant evidence of stickability, motivation and curiosity! 

Step 1 – Make a plan! What our puppets were going to look like…

Step 2, 3 and 4 – Draw around the templates, cut them out and add any features!

Step 5 and 6 – Sew them together and see the finished product!

Captain Sir Tom Moore 100 Challenge

As part of the celebration of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s legacy, we participated in some challenges all about 100! We, as a class, had to find 100 objects between us and line them up before counting aloud. We also had a challenge of Mr Noonan vs Miss McConochie in which team can get 100 beanbag tosses into the hoops. Go team Mr N!! 🙂 – we had too much fun so didn’t get any pictures of that one.