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Ash 27th February – 3rd March 2023

Next week’s learning…

English: Narratives using prediction, speech, conjunctions and diary writing.
Maths: 5 times tables and division facts, length and height.
Science: Plants – seeds and bulbs.
Phonics: -el spelling 


Our week began with us observing different trees and plants. We looked at each of the different parts that make up a tree and a flower. We then had to sequence a flower and a tree back together and label it correctly.


This week we put our singing and our instrument skills to the test. We explored the song a little bit more before using the glockenspiels to find the pulse.

Forest Schools

More fun at forest schools this week! We even roasted apples on the campfire and added sugar and cinnamon.

World Book Day 2023

What a fantastic effort for World Book Day this year! We started off by going into the hall for a whole school assembly. There, Mrs Kemp led an assembly all about the meaning of world book day. The children even had a task to work out which teacher was reading in our own version of the masked reader. Following this we did a parade on the playground so we had a chance to see everyone else’s costumes before meeting up with year five in the hall where we did shared reading.