Ash 28th February – 4th March 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Advertising posters.
Maths: 2D/3D Shapes.
Science: Seeds and bulbs.
Phonics: -le spelling rule.

World Book Day 2022

Check our the amazing efforts from everyone in Ash Class. We have a great day! 


We completed our learning on Weather. We were all fascinated by the northern lights and how they appeared so we had a go at creating our own following our learning about Tromso and their weather differences to the UK. I was really impressed by their creativity.


Our new learning on plants was a success! We spent the lesson observing different plants and the features they have. We originally had some difficulties observing leaves on the trees as they were deciduous and the leaves had all fallen off, but we persevered and used evergreen instead. Fortunately the flowers had bloomed and we were able to identify the flower, stem, leaves and roots. We had a quick assessment first to work out if we could sequence and label a picture of a tree/flower independently. 


In part of our maths learning this week we explored lines of symmetry. As part of this we used shapes and explored where the line of symmetry would be. We spoke of it like being a mirror where it had to reflect the same shape on the opposite side. We learned about vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines before investigating where the lines of symmetry could be in a range of different shapes. 


A promising start to our coding on ScratchJnr today!

Meet the Author...

We had a personal session with an author for part of our World Book Day including a reading of his story!