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Ash 29th April – 3rd May 2024

Next week's learning...

English: Character descriptions and riddles.
Maths: Find and recognise a third. Find the whole.
Science: Habitats.
Phonics: -al spelling rule (walk, talk, always)

Wednesday 8th May – Forest Schools session.
Friday 10th May – PTA School Disco!


As well as finishing off some wonderful Traction Man stories, this week we also introduced the children to our new topic… Toy Story! (This fits in greatly with our Toys topic.)
The problem this week was… Buzz was pushed out of the window! Each of the children had to think of a character to be and create a reason as to why they weren’t the suspect (alibis.) Later on in the week we put our alibis to the test by interviewing each other and checking if their stories matched up. There were some great leading questions which encouraged the children to think really carefully about their alibis. 


We went exploring our local habitat this week to see what plants, animals or insects we could find. The insects love our Forest School area and we even found a birds nest hiding in a traffic cone!


The children demonstrated their awareness of what they knew about halves this week in their shape challenge. The children had to think really carefully about the number of pieces as well as what a half looked like. I was really impressed with how the children manipulated the shapes in order to get them to find a half accurately. Great work, Ash!