Ash 29th November – 3rd December 2021

Next week's learning...

English: Big Writing – Instructional writing; creative writing.
Maths: Money consolidation and introduction to multiplication
Science: Exercise
Phonics: Spelling alternatives.


I am feeling very proud of Ash and how well they behaved at the pantomime! We all had a great time, even though I was picked on by the ugly sisters!


We had a great DT day making “Perfect Pizzas!” The day started off with us completing a survey and working out which pizza was the most popular. This was followed by us designing a pizza of our own, making sure that we had more fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates over meat, dairy and fats. Following this we did some taste testing before culminating in pizza making! I hope they all enjoyed their pizzas.


Another productive week in maths. This week we looked at making a set piece of money by using different coins. We were so impressed with the children’s counting skills. We also added different sets of money together by starting with pounds, followed by pence.


The apparatus was out again this week in Tom’s lesson and with Mr N we continued with our Season’s Song Dance.