Ash 2nd – 6th May 2022

Next week's learning...

Maths: Measurement – problem solving, four operations with length.
English: Alibis, Script Interviews and Witness Statements.
Science: Identifying materials.
Phonics: ing/ed – double consonant rule.


This week we explored measurement in both cm and m. We made the process as practical as we could to encourage the children to think about the sizes in a context. The children grasped the concept quickly and were able to reason exactly why they would use m or cm. They also spoke about the reason for choosing the correct measurement tool.


We’ve been looking at rehearsing some SPaG terminology recently. As a way to get these into the children’s minds, we played a game of “Heads Up”. The children were in pairs. One had to read them the terminology to them and the other had to guess what it was based on the card they put on their head. I was so impressed with the cooperative behaviour shown. 


We continued to work on animation this week but used a programme on J2E to help us create this. The children were introduced to the word “Onion Skinning” which is a process that enables you to see where the previous picture was so that you don’t overlap them. Building on this, the children then worked independently to create their own stop motion. The stickability was incredible!


A continuation of ball skills this week. The children worked closely together in partners to develop throwing and catching as well as some competition to work between runs and catches.