Ash 2nd – 6th November 2020

Next week's learning...

English – Write letters, use sentence types and understand them.
Phonics – Recapping phase 5.
Maths – Adding and subtracting two 2-digit numbers, bonds to 100, adding three 1-digit numbers.
Science  – Growing and Changing.


We have had a busy week in our English this week. We introduced the children to the text ‘John Patrick Norman McHennessy’ and learned all about the excuses he made for being late. We magpied some of his catastrophies and altered them to sound more extreme. 

We also looked at the text ‘Dear Teacher’ which also had some specific links to excuses but were displayed in the form of a letter. We have identified the features of the letters and located them independently. In the latter part of the week, we applied our writing to a postcard to send to ‘Sir’ and had some lovely results.


Maths has been a massive hit this week! We began our unit adding two 2-digit numbers and subtracting two 2-digit numbers. Ash Class have been so motivated this week to achieve and really have done well. We finished the week through subtracting and are already looking forward to recapping this on Monday.

Forest Schools

Another successful week in Forest Schools. This week we made badges, dens, went pond dipping, went in the canope and had hot chocolate! Some very sensible handling and cooperation from the children.


We started our unit on Animals including Humans. Our first objective focused on animal babies where we matched cards from baby to adult and wrote about how animals change. The children really impressed me with their awareness of the names of the baby animals and applied these accurately to sentences.


This week, Mr N started teaching us dance and we were able to look at the Seasons’ Song performed by the previous year groups. Tom also began our unit on gymnastics where we focused on jumps and travels.