Ash 30th November – 4th December 2020

Next week's learning...

English: Adventure writing.
Phonics: Spelling rules, -ing, -ed, -er, -est
Maths: Adding, subtracting and consolidation.
Science: Exercise.


We’ve been tying up our learning on money this week, focusing on finding the difference and finding the total by adding amounts of money. There has been a lot of stickability this week and a positive chance to practice our subtraction skills again.


Perfect Pizzas! This week, we have certainly been working very hard. In our English, we have had a focus on instructions, their features and how to write them. We identified that instructions should be clear, bossy, specific and easy to read/follow. We explored the different time adverbials, adverbs and imperative verbs and how they’re used in the instructions. After making our pizzas, we completed a Big Write to show the power of the instructions and how important they were to follow. Photos to follow!

Design Technology

Well, a certainly yummy end to the week was had by Ash Class this week. We have been working hard on designing and creating a ‘perfect pizza’. We began by identifying what the class’ favourite types of pizza was… we had 50% who shared that theirs was pepperoni! (Mine too!) We later moved on to thinking about how pizzas can be healthy, exploring the varieties of bases and toppings. Ash had a good chance to do some taste testing of all of these different things. Some were a massive success, others were not… particularly the red onion! We finished the learning by designing our pizza, making links to the Eat Well Plate, checking if our choices were healthy by using the correct portion sizes of toppings.


We’ve done it! We finally completed our dance of the Seasons’ Song. Take a look at the finished product. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed learning and performing it.


With Tom, we also continued work on our travelling in gymnastics.