Ash 31st January – 4th February 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Planning and writing our own version of the Weather Monster.
Maths: Statistics – Pictograms in different scales.
Science: Endangered Animals
Phonics: kn spelling rule.


This week in our Maths learning we stated a new unit of statistics. We explained to the children that statistics is a way of collecting data and numbers in a way that isn’t just numerical form. It can be through tally charts, pictograms or block charts, some of which we’ve looked at so far this week.
We began the week by looking at tally charts and reminding ourselves of how to record them. The children then used their awareness of this to complete their own tallies and problem solve.

We then introduced the children to pictograms which they loved! We had a go at collecting our own data this time with the children interviewing each other. We then used our own data to create their own pictogram. 


We explored Safari movements this week in our Yoga and Josh delivered a lesson on dodgeball with some highly competitive yet collaborative efforts!


We continued with a few more of our Weather Reports this week as well as looking at how the weather is different in countries that are placed in the Northern Hemisphere and near the equator.


This week we used the computers to identify how to change and alter its look. We showed the children that…

Ctrl+A = Select all
Ctrl+B = Bold
Ctrl+C = Copy
Ctrl+I = Italics
Ctrl+S = Save
Ctrl+U = Underline

We also had a look at how we can change the size of our font, the theme and the colour. Great teamwork this week.