Ash 31st October – 4th November 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Narrative writing, sequencing, sentence types.
Maths: Adding tens, crossing over.
Science: Life cycle for humans, life stages.
Phonics: a, e, i, o, u spelling alternates.

Bee Enrichment Day

What an exciting day Friday was! We spent the day learning about the importance of bees, how they help us and just what we could do as a school to help them. The children were treated to an array of activities following an introduction to the Bee Enrichment Day and why we are enriching it. Our opportunities in a carousel included: Bee flower bombs, making honey flapjacks, a waggle dance, making bee bottles and learning about their body parts, felt bees, developing a wildlife garden and what we can do to help bees further. Thank you Mrs Millyard for a lovely day!


This week we started a new text named “John Patrick Norman McHennessey, the boy who was always late” which the children have loved getting in to. We explored the reasons that John provided for being late and what the teacher thought of these each time. We made some brilliant inferences about the teacher, too. Inspired by John, we came up with some of our own excuses and acted out how we would perform them. Later on in the week we explored features of a letter followed by writing our own letter to Sir explaining why we were not able to attend school… again!


We started our new theme of Christianity this week and looked at a painting by a Nigerian artist of Mary and the Angel Gabriel. We thought carefully about the message he was delivering the Mary before reading the Annunciation story. We used our own knowledge to think about what they would be saying to each other and freeze framed our action.