Ash 3rd – 7th May 2021

Next week's learning...

English: Character riddles using description and conjunctions with effect.
Maths: Position and direction.
Phonics: wr recap.
Science: Materials


Something suspicious happened this week in Ash Class! BUZZ was caught dangling out of the window by a piece of string! We also noticed that there seemed to be an escape route left in the classroom through use of a zipwire, red blood-inspired footprints and a staircase assembled out of lego. The children were shocked! 
From their investigations, they had to create an alibi, imagining they were one of the characters. The police suspected all of them and so they needed to prove their innocence.
From this, we created scripts which we are turning into short news reports (Watch this space!) and we finished the week with witness statements! What a busy, yet productive, week.


We completed our learning on measurement this week by comparing and ordering length before moving onto position and direction where we recapped on left and right.


This week in Science, we explored materials and the different ways they can change. We discussed a lot about how the properties are main factors of this and how similar objects will have different outcomes because of the material they are made from. We were really impressed with the collaborative learning shown by the children in their teams.


Continuing to develop on our ball skills and controls, we incorporated the use of racquets this week! Check out some of their skills!