Ash 3rd – 7th October 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Setting Descriptions with prepositions, narrative planning and writing.
Maths: Addition and subtraction.
Science: World Habitats.
Phonics: Phase 5b – alternate pronunciations. 

Big Question: What do you love the most about YOU?

Harvest Assembly

We attended our church this week for our annual Harvest Celebration. This year we focused on the importance of food for all living things. 


We wrote some space logs this week after sequencing the order of our story so far. I was so impressed with the comprehension and some of the upleveling that was applied. The level of independence is developing too which is wonderful to see.


This week we learned about the story of Jonah and the Whale. In order to retell the story, the children made their own whales with Jonah inside. The children had a good recollection and were confident in retelling.


Space arrived in Ash Class this week as we began our learning on Neil Armstrong!