Ash 4th – 8th April 2022

After Easter's learning...

English: Traction Man – Character descriptions, scenario decisions and short planning.
Maths: Fractions – counting in fractions, fractions word problems.
Phonics: -ture spelling rule.
Science: Materials.


There was a lot of fractions learning and consolidations this week. We explored unit and non-unit fractions, consolidating on what they mean and what their differences are. From this we also looked at three quarters of shapes and number in more detail as well as the equivalence between 1/2 and 2/4. A successful week and some awesome motivation and stickability shown. 


We made some fantastic work towards our African prints this week. We looked at our previous plans and what they looked like before comparing them against real African printing patterns. We decided we’d like to try again and develop our skill set. Following this, we applied our printing ink, rolling it on generously before printing and revealing our outcomes. They looked amazing!

Easter Celebrations

Revd Lawson delivered a service for us about the meaning of Easter and why it is celebrated. We also had our own Easter Egg hunt before our team treat children made the class a delicious fridge cake for us to celebrate with.