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Ash 5th – 9th February 2024

Next week's learning...

English: Poetry – Kennings.
Maths: Money consolidation. Multiplication and Division introduction.
Science: Plants – Labelling and identifying.
Phonics: kn spelling rule.


This week we answered our investigation question… which material would be best to make an umbrella? Last week we made our predictions and thought about each of the material’s suitability. This week, we put them to the test. We started off by making sure all of our variables were accounted for… size of material, amount of liquid and thought about what we were going to change each time. After testing these, we then used the material that we thought would be the best for an umbrella to test above our head… there were some very certain scientific discussions!


In PE this week we explored yoga a little further. Our theme was the farmyard. We developed our skills in the different poses before selecting four and turning them into a routine/sequence.