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Ash 5th – 9th June 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Adverbs for effect, planning our own alternate narrative.
Maths: Hours in a day, duration of time and consolidation of time.
Science: Doctor’s Surgery – staying healthy.
Phonics: /zh/ = s


Here is the video of all of the wonderful waterproof hat creations being put to the test. I was so impressed with design but also how many worked. The children had really good observations of other peoples and assessed their strengths and weaknesses. This prompted a positive discussion about what we would do the same and differently.

This week we looked at Botany and what it takes to become a botanist. We observed plants and their three main features: leaves, petals and stem.

Papua New Guinea Day

We really enjoyed learning all about the reason we celebrate Seed to Tree and the heritage created by William. We felt very lucky to have a piece of Papua New Guinea permanently here in Lawshall.


Josh helped us get into action with athletics this week.