Ash 5th – 9th September 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Narratives, questions and planning.
Maths: Place value to 100.
Science: Living, Dead or Never Alive (Mrs Gren)
Phonics: 5a spelling.


We’ve had a busy week in Maths! We started off by exploring our numbers to 20 but not just through recall, there were lots of problem solving elements through representation, number tracks, more or less and building. The children developed a fluency in using more maths equipment including rekenreks, base 10 and ten frames.

As the week progressed, there was more use of base 10 as we built numbers up to 100 developing our awareness of what each part of two-digit numbers meant.


PE this week looked at ball skills and general coordination followed by team games and fundamental skills.


In our Art learning this week, we looked at planets and informed the children that we are going to be making 3D planets. This week we interpreted planets by looking at their surfaces and trying to recreate that effect onto a polystyrene semi-sphere.