Ash 6th – 10th June 2022

Next week's learning...

English: Adverts and narrative writing.
Maths: Time
Science: Materials
Phonics: contractions

Seed to Tree

Ash Class had a great time this week “minding and mulching” the Oak trees they planted when they were in Year 1. We were joined by Elizabeth who reminded us about the reason for the programme and the significance of William’s tree. 


The children got creative this week playing a game of “Guess the Word” by reading out a definition and their partner had to respond with the definition, all based around the -ey grapheme.


We started work on our Adverts this week. The children have all designed their new toy and mapped out all of the special features it has. Next week we will be combining the use of stop-motion and developing our scripts further to resemble our voiceovers. 


We started work on Georgia O’Keeffee this week looking at her artistic view on flowers. We had a go at creating some of our own looking closely at different flower designs. Some amazing outcomes just for step one.