Ash 6th – 10th September 2021

Next week's learning...

English: Questions, punctuation and grammar, story planning.
Maths: Place value, exploring numbers to 100.
Science: Living, Dead or Never Alive
Phonics: Phase 3 recap.
Spelling: Investigations


It’s been a busy week in maths. We started this week by recapping on some of our place value knowledge from Year 1, particularly numbers to 20 and 50. We completed patterns, we spotted mistakes and we used our awareness of numbers to identify how many more or less was needed to reach a target amount.

We also spent some of our time building numbers so that we could reinforce our understanding of their values in tens and ones. 


This week with Tom, the children developed their skills through their multisports carousel.

With Mr N, we developed our ball skills, focusing predominantly in handling and controlling.