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Ash 8th – 12th May 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Character riddles.
Maths: o’clock and half past.
Science: Changing shape/recycling.
Phonics: -ey spelling rule.

Next week – Secret Agent Training! (Year 2 SATs)

DT Day

The time has come! We spent our day making our felt puppets. The day was broken into different steps to help the children to manage each of the processes. It started off with us choosing what we wanted our puppet to look like. We planned and labelled our diagram before predicting what we thought might the trickiest/easiest as well as the Learning Behaviours we would need to show.

We then began to cut out our templates and lined them up how we wanted them to be. We worked together to help draw around the templates and then got cutting and adding on all of the features we needed.

The highly anticipated sewing!

Just check out our finished products!