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Ash 9th – 13th January 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Writing our own narrative, planning, developing sentences.
Maths: Making money, finding change, comparing money.
Science: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Phonics: Spelling rules.


This week we looked at adding both pounds and pence by using the part-part-whole model before thinking about how different amounts of money can be used. We used the extended part-part-whole model to show how different amounts such as 63p would be formed. There was some wonderful stickability.


This week we had a focus on Climate Change. We conducted an experiment using ice cubes to show how the atmosphere and greenhouse gas layer around the world can impact the temperature of the planet and the different weathers that are now affecting us. We noticed that the cubes placed under the layer melted faster as the cubes had their heat maximised.


We thought about the wheels, axis and chassis this week. We had a go at making our own chassis to decide which one we found to be the most stable and secure.


After introducing the story of The Weather Monster to the children, we created a profile for Ron to help him get some friends using our expanded noun phrase planning alongside the facts we know about him and how they change the weather. I was so impressed with the stickability and the general attitudes to writing.


More excited children in computing today! We warmed ourselves up on the typing club game before having a go at typing the sentence. The children then used the Ctrl key to work out what happened when we…

Ctrl+A, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U and Ctrl+V. The children were really interested and became a lot more confident when holding the Ctrl key down.