Ash 9th – 13th May 2022

Next week's learning...

Maths: Position and direction.
English: Toy Story character descriptions and riddles.
Science: Identifying uses.
Phonics: al spelling rule.

Felt Puppet Enrichment Day 2022

I was so very proud of Ash class and the stickability, creativity, independence and motivation they demonstrated today whilst we had our enrichment day. It was a day that they have looked forward to since September and it delivered. The children spent the morning designing, colour matching and preparing all of their resources, bonding them with felt glue for security. After lunch the sewing began! There were a few hiccups along the way, a few knots, a few cotton issues and a mixture between the running and overstitch, but they worked really hard. The children have a few finishing touches to add but they’ll be ready to return to their forever home very soon. Well done everyone! 


As part of our script interviews, we had some role play elements which allowed us to practise interviewing and responding. The children each took turns at acting this out and built on their expression and detail. This lead us perfectly into our own scripts about the Toy Story drama scene of Buzz falling out of the window. The later part of the week showed us the who the real pusher was! We channelled in our CCTV footage to write some witness statements.


We started our topic of Materials this week. Our first mission was to think of as many different materials that we could so that we could extend and build on these. We thought about the suitability and durability, as well as considering the types of materials that have become more prevalent. We went material hunting in and around the school finding as many different materials as we could and what the material made. 


In the steps leading up to our puppet day, we began by exploring finger puppets. Step 1 was to create one of our own using glue as a bonding agent. The children designed and thought of their own puppet design, measured, cut and stuck it together. Step 2, which is happening on Thursday, is to demonstrate how to sew them together using an overstitch and a running stitch.


This week we stepped forward in our stop motion programming and had a go at making one of our own using the iPad program. The children had a space themed background and a spacecraft. Using the app and the onion skinning technique, they created a scene of the spacecraft driving around space. There was some great stickability and teamwork happening.