Ash 9th – 13th November 2020

Next week's learning...

English – Write letters, edit and improve.
Phonics – Recapping phase 5, consolidating, reading and blending.
Maths – Money – Adding pounds and pence.
Science – Growing and Changing.


This week we reached the end of our addition and subtraction unit and I have to say, I am so impressed with the children’s effort and attainment with this. It’s been a tricky unit but they have all approached it great motivation and eagerness. This week in particular, we looked at our number bonds from 10 all the way to 100 as well as exploring three one-digit numbers in a number sentence and how we might solve them. We did a lot of practical approaches which the children always enjoy.


I am unbelievably proud of Ash Class this week and their writing outcomes. We have been focusing on the story ‘John Patrick Norman McHennessy’ and have pretended that we were his teacher. We all agreed that we were a bit fed up with his tardiness and excuses, so we wrote a letter home to his parents. All of the children recalled the features and structured their writing superbly. Despite this approach being guided, we are so proud. I almost felt as though I was the parent receiving the letter whilst I marked it.

Forest School

Yet another super week in our Forest School! We helped with the fire, climbed the rope ladder, made dens, played in the hammock as well as cooking and eating our own bread! Yum.


This week we started our ‘Seasons Song’ in Dance. It is always such a blast to teach and perform this! We broke off into ‘seasons’ and each group came up with some actions/activities that we might do in that season. We also had a go at putting it together with all of the extra moves too! I tell you though, this year’s class are some serious contenders for rocking it!!

Reading Reward

To celebrate the fantastic efforts from Ash Class, we celebrated our ‘reading reward’ on Friday. We enjoyed popcorn, hot chocolate and watched some of Julia Donaldson’s famous stories as animations. A totally well deserved treat for a Friday afternoon!