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Ash 27th November – 1st December 2023

Next week's learning...

English: Instructional writing, structured writing.
Maths: Subtraction and mixed addition/subtraction.
Science: Hands
Phonics: Phase 5c mastery.

REMINDER – Thursday 7th December – Christmas Decoration Morning AND Christmas Jumper Day


What a fun time we had watching Snow White on Wednesday. It was great to see the children really enjoying themselves and getting involved with every possible song and dance routine.


We had a really interesting experiment this week when looking at our teeth hygiene. We spoke about the functions of teeth as well as the importance of them. We discovered that children have less teeth than adults. A child will have 20 milk teeth and by the time all of them have fallen out and are grown, they will have 28 (plus 4 wisdom!)
We had a chance to be mini dentists with each other and counted each other’s teeth. Following this we looked at the best ways of brushing teeth. We explored the giant teeth and showed how essential it is to brush thoroughly.

We then put this to the test! We started off by brushing our teeth for 2 minutes. This was followed by us taking a disclosure tablet to see just where the plaque on our teeth was and if we had brushed properly! The children investigated their teeth before washing one more time. We had some brilliant scientific discussions.


Our Seasons’ Song dance is coming along amazingly! This week the children had their first attempts without any support. I was so impressed with their outcomes.