Elder Class 10th October to 14th October 2022

In maths this week we are learning to solve problems involving multiplication and division; understand and use the order of operations; solve problems using mental strategies.

In English we are learning to write a dialogue; writing a narrative based on a known story; understand the active and passive forms; recognise and use colons and semi-colons.

In science we are learning to investigate how light helps us to see colours.

Our big question for this week is ‘if you could ask God one question, what would it be?’

Another week, another drama session with Annie. We have covered scenes 5, 6 and 7 now and the class are developing some great acting skills. Elders played the ‘wah’ game to get their concentration ready for the session and they did really well! They are really focusing on their characters and considering how they would behave in each situation. The fight scene now has sound effects which gives it much more energy! The children are doing a good job of keeping serious while shouting and fighting!


For homework, Elder class have researched sustainable enrgy sources. They have presented their findings to the class. It has been great to see the confidence of the children showing what they have learned about this important topic.


Elder class had a fantastic afternoon learning to play African drums with Mrs Hart, from County High School. They learnt to play two different types of drums and bells too. They put together a tune consisting of layers of music and were amazing at following instructions and keeping it time. It was loud but very enjoyable! There were lots of smiles and very proud children.


Sophie had the next round of her Suffolk Schools Cross Country Championship. Against a field of one hundred children, Sophie gained first place – what a fantastic achievement! Well done, Sophie!