Elder class 10th to 14th January 2022

Elder class wrote descriptions of the main character in the film The Eye of the Storm. They peer edited after writing to support each other’s learning. Finally they gave their talk buddy two stars and a wish.


In PE Elder class were practising their strength yoga poses. Each member of the class became an expert in one pose and taught the rest of the class what to do. They then made their own flow of poses demonstrating their core strength.


In grammar, Elders were looking at active and passive sentences. They made their own sentences using individual words and punctuation on cards. We then thought about the subject, verb and object within our sentences and whether they were active or passive. There was some great cooperation and motivation.


Elders have started class book review scrapbooks. There have been some fabulous reviews completed already.


As part of their work on The Eye of the Storm, Elder class wrote flashback scenes. They imagined a past event that could influence the lone figure and used an object as a ‘portal’ to cast his mind back to that time.