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Elder Class 10th to 14th July 2023

Monday and Tuesday are the last two days that every member of Elder class will be at All Saints’ together before transition visits commence. Remember our leavers’ barbecue is on Tuesday 11th July from 3.20pm until 4.30pm and our leavers’ play is at 6pm on Wednesday 12th July 2023.

Elder class did their dress rehearsal on Monday before performing to the rest of the school on Tuesday afternoon. They did a fantastic job!


Elder class enjoyed a Taskmaster challenge during their final morning together before transition visits start. Great co-operation.


Elder class had a t-shirt signing session before their leavers’ barbecue.


Elder class enjoyed their leavers’ barbecue and lots of photo opportunities afterwards!


Elder class had a DT day. They had to build a prototype kite, evaluate it and then build another one to a design brief. There were lots of smiles during the testing phase.