Elder Class 10th to 14th May 2021

Elder class wrote letters from various items of stationery in the class complaining at their treatment. I was really impressed with how entertaining they were – Elders you did a great job!

Elder class were historians this week inspecting artefacts relating to crime and punishment and predicting what they were used for and who would have received them. There was some great discussion and, as always, superb cooperation.



For early morning work, Elder class have been doing some independent writing using a picture as a stimulus. They have really impressed me with their creativity!


Leo and Adam made a planter from a pallet at Young Farmers and very kindly donated it to the school. We lined it and filled it with flowers today. It will be positioned between two benches in the quiet area and will provide a lovely splash of colour to enjoy.

We researched Mary Anning as part of our science topic on Evolution and then wrote biographies as double-page spreads.



Elder class used their knowledge of finding ‘the mean’ to solve a tarsia puzzle. Well done to Eva and Darcy for being the quickest solvers!