Elder Class 11th to 15th July 2022

Lots of our Elders are enjoying transition days at their new secondary schools but for the ‘remainers’ it’s business as usual. The children investigated different papers considering their opacity, absorbency, fibre make-up and ink test. They then tried to make a water clock, evaluating their prototype as they built it.


In art we tried to do continuous line drawings based on British birds. After the children had drawn a picture, they considered what had been done well and what could be improved and then completed another picture using that feedback.


The class then completed observational sketches of birds using tonal shading.


The current Elder children enjoyed a morning with Mrs Moore making props and acting out a play while next year’s year 6s had their transition morning.


The new Elder class of 2023 enjoyed a fantastic transition morning in year 6. They showed great stickability, motivation, curiosity, independence and co-operation. I am looking forward to seeing them all again in September.


Elder class had a DT day and designed and tested prototype kites. They used different types of paper and then tested how well they flew. Next they used what they had learned to design a new kite with appropriate adjustments.


Elder class used the laptops to make Word Clouds about year 6. They worked in pairs and showed great creativity and co-operation.


In art, Elder class did some 3D work. I think the handprints look fantastic!