Elder class 11th to 15th October 2021

In maths Elder class have been investigating perfect and abundant numbers. There was superb co-operation to be seen and some great motivation and stickability too.


In PE Elders continued with their basketball sessions. There was some great attacking and defending. 


As part of our generosity week, Elder class completed gratitude wheels. They thought about all of the things in their lives that they are grateful for.


After the success of their Shakespeare performance last week, Elder class wrote thank you letters to Annie for making them all stars! I am sure she will be delighted with them.


Elder class have been researching sustainable energy sources for their half-term projects. Some of the class have presented their projects to the class. They were well-researched and highly informative. They all did a great job!


In music Elders are learning to sing the song ‘Happy’ which has lead vocals and backing vocals. They also played along to the tune using the glockenspiels. 




Elder class did a great job of singing their ‘Wellerman-based’ harvest song at the church as part of our harvest celebrations and generosity week. A massive thank you also to everyone who sent in donations for the Hawstead food bank – your kindness and generosity is much appreciated.