Elder Class 12th to 16th September 2022

In maths this week we are learning to round numbers to a given degree of accuracy; understand negative numbers in context; assess what we know about place value.

In English this week we are learning to write a dialogue; understand characterisation in Romeo and Juliet; use varied sentence structures in our writing.

In science this week we are learning about the reflection of light.

Our Big Question for the week is ‘why are memories so important?’

Elder class had a great first session with Annie from the Theatre Royal. They showed motivation, cooperation and creativity. They acted out lines from Romeo and Juliet in small groups to make a short version of the play. I was so proud of them all for showing such enthusiasm and embracing the opportunity they have been given.



We are very proud of Sophie who achieved first place in the 2km run at Langham at the weekend – a great achievement!


Elder class enjoyed the autumn sunshine during their tag rugby session in PE with Josh. They showed some great ball skills and some very fast running and dodging. Great cooperation, Elders.


Harry and Oliver showed the class their football trophies from the 2021/22 season. They play for Sporting ’87 and received awards for the ‘most improved player’ and the ‘manager’s fair player’ of the year. What a fantastic achievement! Well done!

In English, Elders received (in role as William Shakespeare) a letter from Mercutio complaining about Romeo falling in love with every girl he met and seeking advice on what he could do to stop this ridiculous behaviour. The children worked in pairs in their general workbooks to draft a response to Mercutio, using modal verbs to indicate possibility, and then we shared these as a class thinking about what was good about the reply and how they could be improved.


In science we learned about the reflection of light and completed an investigation to prove that the angle of an incident ray when it hits a mirror is equal to the angle of the reflected ray.


Shakespeare used iambic pentameter in his writing. Elder class read the prologue to Romeo and Juliet and had a line each to read, decide if it used iambic pentameter and then recite it to the class. They then used a cartoon picture of Verona to work in pairs and then groups to write iambic pentameter poems about the image.


Most of the class have finished their portraits in the style of Romero Britto. They look fabulous on our display.


Dylan showed the class the ‘gong’ he received at his king-fu classes. He also showed us some moves! Very impressive.