Elder Class 13th to 17th June 2022

Don’t forget our visit to Shimpling Farm this Thursday 16th June 2022. You will need a packed lunch for the visit. Please wear long trousers and appropriate footwear to walk around the farm. You will need a hat if it is sunny and please apply sunscreen before coming to school. 

In Maths this week we are learning to solve real life problems relating to wages including calculating tax payable using our knowledge of percentages.

In English this week we are writing poems and a discussion text based on our plastic pollution topic. We are also writing narratives including dialogue based on the book The Arrival. 

In science this week we are making observations and drawing conclusions.

Elder class wrote poems about plastic pollution and its impact on the environment. They overlay their poems onto a piece of artwork linked to the topic. They show fantastic creativity and look grreat!

Two more of our Elders were proud to share their achievements with the rest of the class today. Lyra completed the Race for Life yesterday with her Mum and Auntie helping to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Superb motivation, Lyra.

Joel was awarded the ‘most improved player of the season’ for his football club. He was presented with his award by Peter Shilton and ex-England goalkeeper. Fantastic stickability, Joel.



Elder class had a great day at Park Farm, Shimpling. The sun was shining and it was scorching but the children took it in their stride and made the most of their first trip to the farm for three years. They learned about the farming calendar and the machinery used. The class went on a nature walk and found different types of grass and at the pond they spotted the difference between dragonflies and damselflies. The children learned all about how the farm uses renewal energy sources for their heating and hot water too.