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Elder Class 13th to 17th May 2024

Our learning this week:

In maths we are revising concepts prior to our SATS tests: Roman numerals, missing angles, long division, finding percentages.

In English we are learning to use varied sentence types.

In science we are learning to undertake an investigation into exercise and heart rate.

First two SATS papers completed (grammar and spelling). Happy, smiling children showing cooperation, creativity and independence (and completely relaxed) during their extended breaktime! We are proud of you, Elder class. 

Elders are enjoying their well-deserved extra playtimes between SATS papers. The weather has been (sort of) kind to us!


Elder class are officially a SATS-free class. Well done to you all. We are very proud of the way you have approached these tests. Excellent!


Elder class enjoyed some challenges set by The Taskmaster! There was great cooperation and sportmanship – well done, Elders.