Elder Class 16th to 20th May 2022

Elder class had a great time at Crucial Crew learning how to keep themselves safe in lots of different situations. A massive well done to all of the class for exemplary behaviour throughout all of the different scenarios. Special congratulations go to Indee, Peony, Arthur and Oliver for being chosen as ‘stars of the day’ for their enthusiasm, knowledge and curiosity. The singing o the buses was also a delight! It’s great to know the song words for the play are being committed to memory!


Elder class were learning how to do a backhand shot in tennis this week. 


Elder class wrote speeches about the two items they would like to send to George Orwell’s Room 101. There were some fabulous ideas: loud eaters, pineapple on pizzas, exaggerating, homework, spiders, pickles, to name but a few! The children then presented their speeches to other classes in school: Ash, Lime, Horse Chestnut or Willow. They were very well received and we were very proud of our Elders for having the confidence to present.


In art, Elders did some Jubilee-themed portraits. There was lots of red, white and blue and a few tiaras to be seen!


Elder class have started a new unit of work in English using the film clip, Alma. They wrote descriptions of the shop front using imagery to enhance their writing.