Elder Class 20th April to 23rd April

Our learning for next week:

Week commencing 26th April 2021:
  • In maths this week we are learning to calculate the value of angles within quadrilaterals from other known information.
  • In English this week we are learning to write in a variety of genres based on a visual text.
  • In science this week we are learning about Charles Darwin and his theory of ‘survival of the fittest’.

Elders showed their batting and fielding skills in PE with Tom this week. There were some great hits.



In English Elder class have been writing formal police reports. They have been showing fantastic cooperation during their peer editing sessions with their talk buddies.

In art the class used the ideas of Klimt to design their own patterns which they will add to using collage next week. 



The members of the class who are transferring to Sybil Andrews Academy enjoyed a Zoom session with the head of lower school and the head of year 7. It was very informative.