Elder Class 20th September to 24th September

Elder class enjoyed their PE lesson with Tom this week. They were outside playing basketball in the autumn sunshine. There was great cooperation evident within the teams and stickability in shooting those baskets!

Elder class have been looking at discussion/balanced argument texts this week. They showed great cooperation in their teams making a case for their character, Macbeth or Lady Macbeth, being the most evil character. They wrote their own balanced arguments using ideas from their group discussions.

Continuing with our Macbeth theme, Elder class wrote blackout poems using Macbeth’s dagger soliloquy as a stimulus. They could use any of the words or phrases from the speech and rearrange the order to suit their poem. Some of the class used repetition effectively to impact on the reader.

Elder class did a great job with their drama session with Annie this week. We have now ‘blocked’ three of our four scenes and have plenty to practise ready for our final session with Annie next week. It is coming together brilliantly and the children have learnt so much.

In RE Elder class were thinking about the ‘I am..’ statements made by Jesus and considering the actual meaning of them. Great cooperation during paired work.