Elder Class 20th to 24th June 2022


We have a whole school enrichment day about Nepal on Tuesday this week. Please wear your PE kits on this day.

Our learning this week

In English Elder class will be completing some cross curricula writing.

In maths Elder class will be completing problems based on real-life job information eg paying bills; they will also be recapping finding percentages.

In science this week Elder class will be completing an investigation, making observations and drawing conclusions.

Elder class thoroughly enjoyed their Nepal enrichment day. They made momo, did a Nepalese dance, made flags, tried Nepalese food, made garlands for their dogs for the traditional festival, learnt about the Himalayas, played volleyball and decorated rangoli patterns and had mendhi patterns painted on their hands. It was a wonderful experience for them all.



Elder class designed their own ‘rocket mouse’ and we launched them on the playground. The children considered aerodynamics and air resistance to support their mouse flying high, but couldn’t resist a few embellishments too!

Elder class showed great co-operation and independence by putting together the stage ready for their leavers’ play. They then had a rehearsal on the stage using props.