Elder Class 22nd to 26th November 2021

In geography Elder class began their unit of work on trade. They learnt about the Silk Road and its impact on early trade between China and European countries. Elders were then put into ‘countries’ and given some resources with a view to producing a commodity. Unfortunately they didn’t have all of the materials/resources they needed and so they had to trade with each other. Negotiations were interesting to say the least!


In PE Elders were using the equipment again for their gymnastic lesson.


Elder class continued with their Everest topic by looking at fact files about Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. They then researched Ranulph Fiennes and produced their own fact files about him.


In English we imagined flying in an aeroplane over Everest and wrote descriptions of what we could see.


In English, we researched hazards of Mount Everest and produced and information poster.


In art, Elder class continued to focus on the work of John Brunsdon. They designed their image which they will use for their printing template.

In RE Elder class listened to the story of Angulimala and thought about how Buddha was Angulimala’s guide to enlightenment.