Elder class 23rd to 27th November

Elder class had a fantastic time at their first forest schools session. It looked a lot of fun!

In English, Elder class have been writing a first person recount including flashbacks using the short film The Piano as a stimulus. Their writing was amazing and really impressed me.


In science, Elders are investigating the growth of mould on bread. They are testing whether different variables have an impact on the rate of growth. They are testing adding water, compressing the bread by standing on it and licking the bread (!) The children will be checking every day next week to see if mould has begun to grow.


In DT Elders were working in groups to make beef, turkey and vegetarian patties. The cooperation seen was brilliant – well done, Elders! After the hard work of preparation, the class enjoyed trying out the different patties and deciding on their favourite taste. Special thanks go to the ‘washer-up’ girls – you were all stars!