Elder Class 24th to 28th January 2022

Elder class are learning about World War II. They found out about evacuation and why it happened to children living in cities during the period 1939 to 1945. We listened to some recounts of children who had been evacuated in books like Olive and Cliff in Letters from a Lighthouse and William in Goodnight Mr Tom. Elders then wrote a diary entry in role as an evacuee.



In maths, Elder class have been learning how to find percentages of amounts and are now learning how to find the whole amount when they know the percentage. Some beautifully neat work!


In science, Elder class found out about how the body absorbs water and nutrients. They listened to a presentation and wrote notes. They then turned their notes into a diagram which they presented to the class. Some great scientific vocabulary used.


Building on our WWII work, Elders designed propaganda posters to persuade parents to evacuate their children or to leave evacuated children safely in the countryside.


In yoga this week, Elder were completing a balance flow and then making up their own. Nate and Jack did an amazing flow and became the teachers and taught the rest of the class their flow.

Elder class wrote letters from the government to persuade parents to allow their children to be evacuated.