Elder Class 26th to 30th April 2021

Elder class practised their overarm bowling skills in PE this week.


In English, Elder class have been writing in different genres based on a visual text. They wrote some fantastic newspaper reports which were informative and maintained the appropriate level of formality whilst also being entertaining to read.


In science we have been learning all about Charles Darwin and his theory of adaptation which was proven by his research on the beaks of finches on the Galapagos Islands. We read a book about peppered moths which showed further evidence of creatures adapting to their environment. The children made a comic strip explanation text of the evolutionary process that the moths have gone through and also used pencil shading to design their own moths. They look great on our display.



Elder class used all of the information they had learnt from their comprehensions about Charles Darwin and did some additional internet research of their own so they could write double-page spread biographies about Darwin. They worked really hard on them and I was delighted with the results. They look great and are so informative. Well done Elders.


Elder class threw themselves into the Captain Tom 100 challenges that we set for them. In maths they found ways of making 100 using exactly four 5s and any operation, found possible measurements of rectangles, squares and triangles with an area of 100 cm squared, and even solved ration questions set for year 11! They wrote 100 word stories and did physical challenges like throwing a ball 100 times without dropping it and keeping a hula hoop rotating for 100 seconds.