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Elder Class 26th to 30th June 2023

This week is our annual Health and Fitness Week. 

The children will be taking part in a range of sporting activities during the week as well as learning about how to eat healthily, and how to keep their mind and body healthy.

Please come to school in your PE kit every day.

Elder class had a great start to Health and Fitness week. They began the day with a Wake and Shake session on the playground with the rest of the school, cooling down at the end with a leisurely Lawshall Mile round the field. They played an incredibly close and competitive game of rounders with some fantastic batting and absolutely unbelievable catches! Finally, they had the whole school picnic, which included some circle games and a water race.


On Tuesday, Elder class enjoyed a carousel of activities including speed stacking, basketball and orienteering.


On Wednesday, Elder class had a tennis session with David Hall, and a sports day practice with Horse Chestnut and Willow classes.


On Thursday Elder class started the day with an energiser yoga session before trying some smoothies. After lunch they completed the sponsored walk followed by a game of rounders with the year 5s and 4s. Another busy day!