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Elder Class 27th February to 3rd March 2023

Our learning this week:

In maths we are learning to order FDP, find a percentage of an amount and to find missing percentages.

In English this week we are continuing with our work on ‘Olive’s Army’ and writing a dialogue and a formal report.

In science we are checking our understanding of our last unit of work on the circulatory system.

Our Big Question this week is ‘can you live in a world without rules’?

Don’t forget it’s World Book Day on Thursday! Come to school dressed as a character from a book or in your pyjamas. 

In history, Elder class learnt about the changes that occurred in women’s lives due to the second world war. They designed propaganda posters to encourage women to go into the workplace.


In PE, Elder class began their fitness unit. They completed a carousel of different activities which tested their stamina, speed, balance, and agility. They showed great co-operation and motivation.


Elder class looked amazing on World Book Day! We had all sorts of characters from all sorts of books and they were all great! The class recited a poem in assembly, paraded their costumes round the playground, read with the younger children and became oral storytellers with their ‘Unfortunately’ tale. They were excellent at solving the masked reader too!


In RE, Elder class are learning about Humanism. Today we considered what makes us happy and designed a collage to reflect ourselves.