Elder class 27th June to 1st July 2022

This week is our annual health and fitness week at All Saints’ CEVC Primary School. The class will be taking part in lots of activities during the week linked to being healthy including their trip to Thorpe Woodlands on Tuesday. 

Monday morning started with ‘Wake and Shake’ led by Mr Noonan, Miss Brill and Miss Woolacott. A great time was had by all judging by the laughter and smiling faces.

Elder class learnt about healthy living including what different food groups support our bodies to do , and why we should exercise. They worked in small groups to design a board game based on healthy living.


Elder class enjoyed the whole school picnic and then some circle games and water races.


Elder class had the best day ever at Thorpe Woodlands! The class were absolutely brilliant all day showing superb co-operation, motivation, and stickability. Their behaviour was excellent and praised by the centre staff. All of the children challenged themselves whilst also supporting their peers to achieve their best. We are so proud of them all.


Thursday meant the fancy dress sponsored walk/run and football with Josh and Lime class. The costumes looked great and the class did so many laps for the walk/run – great motivation! 


Friday was sports day! Elder class showed great motivation and team spirit. Well done to all the teams.