Elder Class 27th September to 1st October 2021

In English this week Elder class are focussing on a visual text called ‘Wing’. They started by writing some descriptions of the main character using expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and ‘show not tell’ techniques. 


They then thought about how they could use ‘show not tell’ techniques to describe the character’s feelings at various points in the film. 

They continued their work on long division and I was blown away with the neatness of their work – fabulous! This superb presentation enabled them to spot mistakes if they were made.

In maths Elder class have been looking at multiplying 3-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers and dividing using short division methods, factor pairs and long division.


There was great teamwork and competitive playing in PE this week during our basketball lesson.

It was our last rehearsal with Annie this week before our ‘dress rehearsal’ run through on Monday and our actual performance on Tuesday. We went over our final scene and Annie watched the whole section so she could give us advice on ‘tweaks’ our Elder Shakespearos need to make. It is coming together well!


In science we were looking at refraction and discovering what makes a straw in a glass of water look bent.