Elder Class 28th March to 1st April 2022

In maths this week we are learning to draw and measure angles using a protractor, calculate angles on a straight line and around a point.

In English this week we are learning to write in an impersonal way, write a diary entry and an encyclopedia entry.

In science we are learning to understand the fossil record.


Class photographs are on Wednesday this week. Please come to school in your school uniform and bring your PE kit to change into.

Elder class did not have the ideal conditions for a fitness lesson focusing on balance this week: it was freezing, which didn’t help wobbly legs, and the wind was blowing an icy gale! They did a great job though, mastering the balance challenges against all odds.


In English, we finished reading ‘Darwin’s Dragons’. The class planned and then wrote an encyclopaedia entry about The Galapagos Green Lizard. They did a great job of using impersonal language, sub-headings for organisation and including key factual information.


I couldn’t resist the lure of April Fools’ Day and played a couple of tricks on Elders. An impossible maths challenge started the day followed by a wordsearch with none of the words in it! They took it in good part, especially when promised a sweet treat at breaktime. Unfortunately the ‘brownies’ were in fact ‘brown e’s’. Sorry Elders, although it did give us a laugh!