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Elder Class 29th April to 3rd May

Have a wonderful (long) weekend!

Our learning next week (7th to 10th May 2024)

In maths we are recapping work including percentages, word problems involving all four operations and shapes.

In English we are learning to use micro-expressions to show character, use short sentences to build suspense, use pathetic fallacy to convey atmosphere and mood.

In science we are learning to plan a heart rate investigation.

Elder class have written speeches this week about the two items they would like to send to Room 101 to be permanently banished. They presented them to our class and then they presented them to Ash class and the other KS2 classes. They did a great job!


Elder class played a ‘Heads up’ grammar game to help them practise their words classes, punctuation and grammar. It was a lot of fun!